Sanjana Varghese (b.1997) a journalist, visual researcher, writer, and reporter.

She currently works, part-time, as a specialist investigator at Airwars, a conflict monitoring organisation in London. She also works as a freelance journalist, writing about conflict, politics, technology and culture for publications such as the Economist, WIRED, New Statesman, the Baffler, Al Jazeera and more.  

She received her MA in Research Architecture, with a studio in Forensic Architecture, in 2021. If you’re so inclined, you can look at an online version of her CV here. 

Recent work

Jailbreak in Hasakah (Airwars, in partnership with VICE and Showtime)
A year long investigation into an audacious prison raid by ISIS on January 2022, culminating in a 45 minute documentary, 15 minute documentary and two immersive visual articles (links in text)

NGOs lament human cost of Italy’s push to curb refugee arrivals (Al Jazeera) link

Database States (The Baffler) link