Sanjana Varghese is an investigative journalist, visual researcher, writer, and reporter. She received her MA in Research Architecture, with a studio in Forensic Architecture, from Goldsmiths, University of London.

She currently works as an investigator at Airwars, using a mixture of open source and conventional journalistic methods to cover conflict around the world. You can read about her work here.

She has also written for the Economist, WIRED, the Baffler, Al Jazeera, the New Statesman, the British Journal of Photography, i-D and elsewhere. Read her writing here.

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Recent work

The year of the Shahed for Airwars / Der Spiegel (IJ4EU-funded)

Russia deploys Albatross made in Iran-backed factory, for the Financial Times (Airwars /IJ4EU)