I work as an investigator / journalistn Airwars Investigations Unit.

I have a range of responsibilities, and skills in this role including : open source research,  interviews and in-person reporting, geolocation / chronolocation, verification & fact-finding, script writing, and more.

I also pitch and manage collaborative projects with media organisations, including the management of large datasets, open source mapping and more.


Russia deploys ‘Albatross’ made in Iran-backed factory, for the Financial Times (IJ4EU funded)
Orlan-1o components for Der Spiegel (IJ4EU funded)
Investigation into the missing victims of British airstrikes carried out in Iraq and Syria, in collaboration with The Guardian
Associate producer on a year long investigation, produced by Airwars, Vice and Showtime into an audacious prison raid by ISIS on January 2022, culminating in a 45 minute documentary, 15 minute documentary and two immersive visual articles


Counting the dead in Ukraine for New Lines Magazine
How Russia is using tactics from the Syrian playbook, for the Guardian
Cluster munitions in Ukraine for Airwars
Gaza and Syria : A Tale of Two Israeli Air Wars for New Lines Magazine
Afrin a year on for Airwars