I write reported features, news pieces, cultural criticism, essays, profiles and more.
(Between 2017 and 2019, I was finishing my undergraduate degree + undertook two internships, one at the New Statesman, and the second at WIRED UK.)


Jake Elwes for British Journal of Photography  

Pilvi Takala (review) for Apollo 

Mindy Seu for Document Journal 

NGOs lament human cost of Italy’s push to curb refugee arrivals for Al Jazeera 

Database States for The Baffler


The Dangerous Digital Creep of Britain's ‘Hostile Environment’ for WIRED

Counting the Dead in Ukraine,  for New Lines Magazine

Home Office bureaucracy is a deliberate tool to make migrants’ lives harder, for Prospect

Journey through space and time with the Sun Ra Arkestra, for the Economist


(I was pursuing my postgraduate degree at this time, which you can read more about here)

Body Language (on biometrics + our legibility to surveillance technology) for The Baffler

Digital Discrimination for The Reboot


The transmogrification of Pepe the Frog The Economist 
- I also went on the Economist’s daily podcast, the Intelligence, to talk about this piece. 

The gruff voice of a generation (on Bob Dylan’s radio show)The Economist 

Faith  Open City Documentary Festival

Cao Fei’s Science Fiction Fever Dreams for Hyperallergic

Domestic Movies for Artsy

The Artists Using Technology to Harness the Forces of Nature, for Elephant Art

Facial recognition Observations section for New Statesman (in print)

How the @subwayhands project tenderly documented pre-pandemic life for i-D

Borders Everywhere Real Life Mag

Distancing #19: Blue Believer Mag

Scotland is aiming to eliminate coronavirus. Why isn’t England? WIRED UK

Lotic for gal-dem

How coronavirus could undermine the British justice system Tribune

Lockdown has put museums and galleries on the brink of collapse  WIRED UK

“The world isn’t a logical proposition”: Why Silicon Valley’s fiercest critic wants to abolish it  Prospect

How to start a gig worker rebellion OneZero

Could coronavirus reshape British manufacturing? Al Jazeera

Gig economy workers have a new weapon in the fight against Uber WIRED UK

Masks are not enough The Outline

Facial recognition cameras are turning privacy into an elite commodity New Statesman

Climate change has introduced a new word to the lexicon  New Statesman

The Noise of Time New Statesman (in print)

A review of Legacy Russell’s Glitch Feminism for Hyperallergic


Creature Of Desire: FKA twigs Interviewed Clash Magazine (cover story) 

How the Royal Albert Hall was redesigned to fix its dreaded echo (an exclusive reported piece about the RAH’s renovation) WIRED UK

Did Nam June Paik Predict YouTube? Garage 

In Finland, prisoners are being taught crucial AI skills WIRED UK (in print)

Ruha Benjamin: ‘We definitely can’t wait for Silicon Valley to become more diverse’ The Observer (in print)

Here’s the secret to Extinction Rebellion’s explosive growth WIRED UK

Emissions possible: Streaming music swells carbon footprints Al Jazeera

Amal Clooney’s new app fights back against unfair trials  WIRED UK (in print)

Tech workers are organising – and asking what technology is actually for   New Statesman

The Justin Trudeau blackface scandal shows Canada must confront its race problem New Statesman

Extinction Rebellion’s Heathrow drone protest is tearing it in two WIRED UK (scoop)

Brexit has kick-started a golden age of crowdfunded legal battles WIRED UK

Is your phone or laptop destined to become a ‘technofossil’?  Al Jazeera

Why the internet needs cyberfeminists more than ever New Statesman

YouTube’s Drive to Clean Up its Platform is Erasing Vital Evidence of Potential War Crimes FFWD, Medium

The junk science of emotion recognition technology The Outline